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Just £9.95 per year gets you FREE premium delivery, cool freebies on all orders over £30, exclusive daily discounts, 100 days' right of return, VIP competitions and more!

We will automatically deduct the membership fee of £ 9.95 from your account each year. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Your EMP Backstage Club Benefits

  • Those £3.99 delivery costs really add up. Join the Backstage Club and you'll never have to pay them again.

  • Every Week: Exclusive Discounts on a selected range of products!

    2 - Worn by Peter Guardians Of The Galaxy T-Shirt
    Studded Skull Sweatshirt Full Volume by EMP Sweatshirt
    Kork Outer Vision T-Shirt
    Bat Top Gothicana by EMP Top
    Viking Hoodie Black Premium by EMP Hooded sweater
    Boba Fett Star Wars T-Shirt
    Twin Skulls Twin Skulls Leather Bracelet
    Cantina Band On Tour Star Wars T-Shirt
    2 - Mixtape Vol. 2 Guardians Of The Galaxy T-Shirt
    Eagle Slayer T-Shirt
    Flag Pete (Straight Fit) Rock Rebel by EMP Jeans
    Logo Superman T-Shirt
    Logo Motörhead T-Shirt
    Lace Bat Double Layer Black Premium by EMP T-Shirt
    Linz Outer Vision Long-sleeve Shirt
    Episode 7 - The Force Awakens - Stormtrooper Splatter Star Wars T-Shirt
    Sword Spade Motörhead T-Shirt
    Bazinga The Big Bang Theory T-Shirt

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  • No backstage area is complete without free stuff. The EMP Backstage Club is no different - from keyrings and zippos to exclusive t-shirts, hoodies and more, we always throw in a freebie for a loyal backstager.

    Rockhand Post-Its
    Ballpoint pen
    Backstage Club nylon rucksack
    EMP Backstage Club – GIRL Shirt
    EMP BSC Kids Shirt
    EMP Backstage Club Girlie t-shirt
    EMP Backstage Club - MEN Shirt
  • You're probably familiar with the situation: You want to go to a festivals, but there's no more tickets on sale anywhere. This problem might just be a thing of the past for members like you. Members of the EMP Backstage Club can partake in various exclusive VIP competitions.

    Your chance to win 2x2 tickets including flights and hotel to 70000 Tons Of Metal

    The biggest blast in the world of metal! 70000 Tons Of Metal combines your love of metal with the Carribean cruise of a liftetime! From 01.02 to 05.02.2018 the Independence of the Seas will rock the Carribean with the finest in metal. The voyage begins in Florida and mak...

    The competition will be rolled out internationally.

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  • Too big, too small, too black, too colourful? We will exchange/refund unused products back for up to 100 days!

  • As a Backstage Club member, your orders have priority!

    Do you still have any questions about the Backstage Club? We're happy to help you out. We established an exclusive service for all you backstagers.

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