Festival season

Summer's here! That means just one thing: festival season is coming! Get ready for a summer of parties, music and fun! Of course, getting the most out of your festivals requires some forward planning. That's why the EMP Crew has got together and created a festival checklist for you. Make this summer one to remember!

Band t-shirts, tops and tanks

You can never have too many t-shirts, especially at a festival! At EMP you will find everything you need to show your allegiance to your favourite band.

Shorts and skirts

Sometimes there are moments where you can also do without. But at least for getting there and back, you're gonna need to be well equipped.

Goes well with:Trousers

Shoes and boots

Have you ever tried moshing barefoot? Bad idea! Sort yourself out here...

Goes well with:Socks

Bags & backpacks

At a festival, you'd better make sure you're well stocked up on supplies. Whether you're carrying beer, canned ravioli or camping gear... Find your new favourite pack here.


Every tent pitch needs its own flag! How else are you going to find your mates again after a full day of partying?


Patches have been synonymous with metal ever since the 80s. Even today, they're a fundamental symbol of fan loyalty, identity and style.

Goes well with:Badges

Sun and rain protection

You know the drill: either you get sunburnt, or the camp turns into a mud bath. Ah well, it's part of the experience, right? With the right equipment you can have fun whatever the weather.


This summer is gonna be hot! Of course you want to stay cool and look good. Our stylish festivalwear makes this possible.

Fun & more

We at EMP like to have fun. You do too? Great! Whether you want to rock up at the festival with your favourite unicorn, some natty drinker's gear or just some corny slogans on your t-shirt, we've got you covered!